I read a lot about cheating men, but my life was destroyed by my cheating wife and the homewrecker douchebag who is now with her. HE knew my now EX was married that we had a 2 year old. I had even met him a few times and had been to his house. Now my whole life has changed, I had to quit my job to relocate myself and my daughter to be closer to family and had to give up my dreams after putting in 2 hard HARD years of work. My shitty ex wife lied and lied and covered it up (this after knowing her 15 years) At least she did decide she wanted to stay in her daughters life and moved back as well. Now we are divorced and I have joint custody of my daughter who means the world to me. It’s been a year and I’m over my cheating wife as I KNOW I deserve better than that. My question is how do I deal with her homewrecking boyfriend? He comes and visits on the weekend (so he can f*** around) and then he goes home during the week to work. No committment… He’s a total sleazebag. I’ve been told that he is very nice to my daughter and she really likes him because he plays with her. Apparently he likes and is good with Kids. He has also been taking care of a sick parent for a long time. Other than being a homewrecker he’s apparently a good guy. I’m grateful for this but I still can’t stand to see him and part of me would like to hire some goons to show him the bottom of Pacific Ocean with some concrete shoes. I always refrain from talking bad about him to my little girl but I’m finding that it slips out once in a while that “daddy doesn’t like ….” If anything I’d love to out this homewrecker on this forum but I don’t want my daughter to suffer for anything. Any revenge ideas? I HATE This Douchebag!!!!!


His Plan: Revenge

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