My sister start dating this older man and he was married i neva knew about that but i didnt care at that point but one day they start playing on my phone i thought it was her so i was playing rite bak but then i noticed days after that it was them together playing on the phone but this time it was only him i was shock but since i didnt want to be rude i continue to talk to him he made me laugh alot at his jokes and we talked about sex but we both planned to meet up and stay the nite wit each other i agreed because i didnt want to stay home and i didnt think nothing happen so we had sex he went unprotected in me but thats wat he said but i know i saw him wit a condom on so then the next day we went to eat and i went back home my stomach didnt feel rite and i didnt neither i ranaway to my sister house after trying to call him numerous of times the phone was disconnected 2 minutes after i arrived he came up he look at me i put my head down i stay there for about 2-3 months ended up pregnant i wasnt ready for a baby but i did want the baby he didnt so we had a abortion and yeah he was there with me the hold time my sister kept kallin sayin to stay away from ha man wen he told me that they not together i ignored her because i fell n love with him and he fell n love with me until my sister finally told me that she had sex with one of my ex boyfriends out of anger i figured that because she had his number i ended up pregnant again with my sister boyfriend or ex boyfriend and we had a lil gurl everything was going good until i found out wen i was 7 months pregnant my sister was giving birth to ha 2nd child she say that it was ha boyfriends wen i ask him about it he say that its a 50/50 chance and before i found out fromher he told me that one day he was drunk and she rode him to sleep (sex) than he said that she had went and toke out a old condom that he put n the rash after sex which was years ago and saved it that theyre daughter found it wrap in alumini. i\’m foil in the refrigerator but didnt know wat it was so till that day we been having problems in are relationship okay now here another part i found out that him and his wife was legally seperated i didnt know wat that meant but i do now legally they still married and have 3 sons together i domnt know wat to do he beats on me but he havent did it in a while and i beat on him but not as much as he do i dont know wat to do

Your Plan:
Ignore it,Work it out,Leave my relationship,Revenge

Advice For Others:
just remember love can make u do terrible things

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