Married 18 years. 3 beautiful children, beautiful wife, home, etc… Found out 4 weeks ago through my wife\’s own admission that she was having an affair for approximately 5 months. Our initial discussions were angry, some were heart felt and rationalized, most were just trying to understand where the other was coming from and understand. My wife stated she had to get away and think. Went OOT for a few days, and came back stating that she broke it off with the other man, and wanted to work on getting our marriage back in order. First thing I found to disprove her was a separate phone she was using to text, and call him. The next 2 weeks were full of short outburst, and arguments because I found myself questioning everything she did. I didn\’t see that she was trying at all, when I was putting in 100% effort, trying to do what she stated she needed from me. I had to go OOT on business this past week. When I got back I found a note on the bed that stated \” I do still love you\”! but, because of what I have done I feel so out of place. I need more time. She went to her mothers to stay, and took 2 of my youngest children with her. She asked that I come up and have dinner with her the next night. She stated she wanted to come back on Monday with a clear head and give it a try. She promised my two young children the same thing, looking them directly in the eyes. I also found out she took half the money out of our checking, and she also took a lot of things from the house. Not just her clothes, but the Wustoff Knife Set, clock, Bose stereo, etc….. This is Thursday. Friday rolls around and she ask me if I mind that she drives to Dallas to have dinner with her friend. Considering there is no right answer to this from my point of view, or hers. I said of course. I hired a PI to set up on the guy she had been seeing. Sure enough, he caught them, and she was moving in with him. She hasn\’t been back. Moved in with him, and her only communication with our children is through texting. She has lied to not only me, but our children so much, now they have literally asked me to please never take her back into our lives. Now that the cat is out of the bag, things our coming out of the wood work on other things she\’s done over the course of our marriage. I have filed for divorce, to be honest there is a part of me that thinks I can pull us back together. I know that sounds ludicrous. She is living with another guy while still being married, has abandoned her own children, and told countless lies. She has asked that I give her time. She is 38, and seemingly going through a mid-life crisis. Any guidance, or thought would be helpful

Brett\’s Plan: Work it out

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