Before I dive right into this article, I should warn you. What you are about to read is a heavy combination of personal experience, astute observation, and unrelenting research. This list was more or less something of a personal checklist of mine to use when evaluating a potential new female prospect in my life and it has been extremely good and accurate for my friends and I. What I am trying to say is that if you read this, and notice that your girlfriend or wife rates unfavorably in any category, you might start developing a case of paranoia that would ultimately accelerate the end of your relationship. Or worse yet, actually cause the relationship fail when she is just a little weak in one or two categories.

The way to use this list is as follows: Go through and give each section a score of 1 to 10, 1 being if she is really weak in the category, 10 being if she is really strong in the category. At the end add up your score—anything higher than a 72 and you should feel particularly safe that your girl won’t cheat on you. 54-72 means that she could be thinking about it but probably will not unless the circumstances are extreme, and anything lower than that probably means you have to be careful and evaluate your situation. Anything below a 27 and she has probably already cheated on you a few times. Without further ado, here are the 9 Ways to Tell if A Girl Will Cheat on You. You’ve been warned

9. How Flirty is She?

A lot of women like to flirt. It’s just something that women do—especially if they’re single. It’s how they communicate with men that they find interesting or attractive in hopes of fixing the problem of being single (Even if its only for one night). The problem comes when there is a lot of what girls have come to call “innocent flirting” going on with other guys when she’s out and you can observe it.

Now before we go flipping the jealously switch and being super alert, remember that there is a very clear line and a world of difference between being social and being flirty. You must be very careful not to confuse the two. Let’s say you are at a party with your girlfriend, for example. If she is just being social, she’s probably out talking to lots of people, not being mean or rude to anyone (including guys that hit on her) and in general just meeting people and mingling. Whether she talks to mostly guys or mostly girls, there is nothing wrong with this and over reacting to having an attractive girlfriend who is also a socialite will get you the asshole tag and probably make her want to leave you behind when she goes out or will flat out break up with you.

The things you should look for is if she zero’s in on one guy, allows herself to get isolated by the guy (or initiates the isolation herself), she is constantly getting closer and touching in a full frontal manner (as opposed to from the sides). There are many more signs of over-flirting that can take place that I won’t list here, but whenever you see it happening just ask yourself the following questions:

-Is she like that with most people? (Depending on culture and background, some girls really are just touchy feely. Judge it against her baseline behavior socially)
-If someone came by would it look like those two are connecting on a level deeper than friendship (a sense of objectiveness is incredibly important so you don’t see things through a cloud of jealously)
-If she’s not like that with most people, how much is she touching him? (Above all things else, in bar or at a party or any other social venture where you can observe the flirting, this is usually the key to tell how far she might let the flirting go in any situation)

8. She has very little will power

This is a dead give away to the potential your girlfriend has for cheating on you. The worst part is that no matter how much she actually loves you or cares about you, if she has very little power she is going to eventually cheat on you. She may probably feel bad about it to, but people who get cheated on don’t really seem to have great sympathy for someone who says they feel bad after doing something that probably felt great.

She may have an amazing heart, but if her mental strength is low in certain situations she’ll just give in to any guys advances. It’s like a drug addict or a fat person. They may not want to use the drug or over eat because they know what it’s doing to them, but they have not developed the will power to resist urges. All it takes is some guy (usually an ex-lover or a “friend”) rubbing them the right way and they give in to their body and urges just like that despite what they may feel afterwards.

You can tell how weak her will power is by asking yourself these simple questions:

How in shape is she? /How well does she eat? (Women with high levels of will power and discipline tend to take good care of themselves.)

Does she drink or smoke heavy or do drugs? (It’s been proven that there is a direct correlation between heavy smokers/drinkers, drug addicts and people with low self-discipline. This also applies to any addictive behavior)

How together is her life? (Obviously if her life is a mess, chances are other parts of her personality are a mess as well)

Has she accomplished her goals? /Does she stick to goals? (People who give in to difficulties in accomplishing things also give into difficult maintaining things…like relationships)

Does she do things she says she will? (Much like the rest of the signs, this one directly correlates with her ability to do something that she says she going to do.)

7. She is very naïve/gullible

Weak will power means that your women will ultimately succumb to whatever urges take hold of her at the moment, even if goes against what is best for her. The previous trait dealt with how she responds to external pressures, while this particular trait deals with how easily her perception can be altered and manipulated. It seems like weak will, but weak will power is a question of mental strength, while this a question of mental awareness. Lack of either one is no good.

I’ve met girls that work out everyday, are high performers in their career and incredibly successful. Obviously women with high will power. But some of them are so ditzy that they can’t tell when a man is hitting on them or spitting bullshit game on them. If someone told them the guy talking to her was Brad Pitt she might believe it. If you believe your woman has a weak mental awareness and is very naïve about the world, ask yourself the following questions:

Is she easy to play jokes on? (A sense of humor is awesome, but falling for practical joke after practical joke indicates a weak ability to catch on to the reality of a situation)

Is she clueless to when guys are hitting on her? (This, in of itself might make you a little jealous and is probably nothing really to worry about. However, combined with weak will power, she might find herself in many situations where she just gives in because doesn’t know better)

6. Her belief structure

When I talk about her belief structure, I’m not talking about whether she is Christian or Mormon or anything like that. Though these things certainly can go a long way in determining her likeliness to cheat on you, we are more interested in her internal belief set about things that are permissible in relationships.

Be wary of any girl that says it’s ok to go on dates with other people, kiss other people, cuddle with other people of the opposite sex, gives her numbers in bars, etc. While it may seem like at first things like this incredible and gives you lots of freedom, but if you are like most guys you’ll eventually wonder if she is only staying at those self imposed borders. Chances are she is not because boundaries thin the further they go. For example, a person who has never committed a crime will have a hard time doing armed robbery. But someone who has done armed robbery probably won’t have to make much of a jump to kill someone.

If your woman thinks it’s cool to give her number, cuddle with guys, or even go out on dates, then its not going to be that big of a stretch for her to take it to the next level. The same goes with lying to you because a weird sort of internal justification goes on with this type of thinking. If it wasn’t easy enough to make the jump to full blown cheating on you with this type of flimsy relationship structure, it will be when she begins to tell herself that you probably are doing the same thing. But in defense of your woman of your woman, if you get into a relationship seriously with a women who has this type of logic then you probably are asking to be cheated on. If you think your woman has a weak belief structure, ask yourself the following questions:

-Does she have different ideas about how relationships should go? (Once again, not a crime, but be prepared if she expects one thing from you but does something entirely different herself.)

-Does she do things blatantly in front of you like give out her number of flirt with guys in a suggestive manner? (If she makes no attempts to hide such behavior, then she really doesn’t see the harm and has a higher threshold for what’s acceptable than you do.)

-Is her logic or perspective on things “twisted” or “fuzzy”?(Use your instinct to figure out if certain things she thinks or believes is a severely out of tune with the rest of the world.)

5. Her Style of Love

Sadly guys, there isn’t much you can do about this one but see it coming and get out of the way. Some women (just like some men, to remain as fair as I can) just love other person in differently. While some girls fall madly in love and head over hills, others take a while to warm up. Then there are those that never feel quite comfortable in commitment. These are the ones that have probably told you straight up that they are commitment phobic or can go days without talking to you and not miss you a bit. It boils down to how much time and energy she has invested and is willing to invest. The less she is willing to invest into the commitment, the less it will ultimately mean to her even if she says that she loves you. How can you tell if she’s invested in the relationship?

Does she treat the relationship like a sporting contest? (Constantly treating things like a system of checks and balances signifies fear of giving more than you’ll get, and is the “safe” strategy for getting involved with someone)

Has the relationship stayed at the same transitory period for an extended period of time? (In any relationship, after a certain amount of time things should escalate naturally unless there is non-compatibility or an effort to stick it one place?)

Does she keep close contact with ex lovers and always seem to be meeting new guys? (Either of these behaviors signifies an inability to leave behind things half finished, and invest energy into starting something new)

4. She Doesn’t Respect You

Sadly enough, I’ve seen many guys deal with their girls or wives being incredibly disrespectful to them. Even more sadly, most times they just write it off as them being frustrated or angry. There is a clear and definite line between anger and disrespect. Before I go further in explaining exactly what that line is, I must say that do not want you to avoid dealing with things with your girlfriend or wife because you are afraid of making her angry. If you currently do have this method of dealing with things, then stop immediately as it ironically only leads her to losing respect for you anyway.

So what is exactly the difference between her being angry towards you and her being disrespectful? The basic difference lies in how she deals with things that you do, versus things that are a part of you. For example, she disagrees with your opinions or your lifestyle choices she might get angry, but she won’t belittle you in any type of way. Disrespect, on the other hand is often full of subtle and overt attacks on your character, intelligence and life direction.

Also, respect can fluctuate over time. One part of her respecting you is her natural temperament towards you, but another part is how much respect you inspire her to give to you. Respect, like all things worth having, is earned. Just because you’re sleeping with her, or she says she loves you, doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee. To see how much your woman respects you, ask yourself the following questions:

-Does she do what she wants regardless of your opinion about it? (She is giving your existence and commitment in the relationship no weight or consideration what so ever.)

-Does she regularly lash out at you regardless of your feelings?

-Are you consistent, driven and focused in your life, accomplishing things and being a man that actually deserves respect? (If you don’t respect yourself, or command respect of others around you, then your woman probably does not respect you either)

3. Her thoughts about Cheating on People

Statistics show 90 percent of Americans actually do think cheating on someone in a relationship is wrong, however more than half of women do it at some point or another. This means that there are a good number of women out there who are going to cheat regardless. There is just nothing you can do about it. If you want a fling, or you want to have some affairs on the side yourself, then perhaps this is the type of woman you want, but I’m assuming that you want a woman that is going to remain faithful to you unless you give her a reason not to.

Most girls, if they like you, will not come right out and tell you that she thinks its okay to cheat on their boyfriends because most times they actually have not even come to the realization within themselves that they find it ok. A lot of girls cheat because they think that guys are going to cheat on them anyway, so they just do it. There are lots of crazy things that a person can think, but you cannot ever expect them to ever tell you if they are cheating on you or they think its ok. Asking that question is a waste of time unless you are searching for emotional responses and body language clues. For the most part, this is just one of those things you’ll just have to trust your instinct on, but you will get a few clues. Ask yourself the following questions:

-Has she cheated on someone before? (Many times you will not know the answer to this, but if you are lucky enough to be privy to that knowledge, consider it the single most important indicator that she’ll cheat on you, regardless of what her reasons for cheating on that guy before you were.)

-Do her friends cheat? (We often have friends that are of similar morals. If you know she has lots of friends that cheat on their boyfriends, then there is a good chance that she will to.)

-She ever asks you the question “Is it cheating if…?” (If that ever comes up, she’s probably already cheated on you. The basic definition of cheating on your partner should be whether you would feel comfortable if they did that to you or in front of you. Everyone intuitively knows that so asking that question means she’s already done something, or is thinking about something that she knows is considered cheating in a relationship by most.)

2. Her levels of self-confidence

The final characteristic deals with you (the man) and not so much her anymore. When it comes to assessing the likelihood of her cheating on you, this is single most important characteristic. If she is insecure or lacks self-confidence it can:

-Make her mind weak and easily swayed
-Can make her treat you with little respect
-Give her a cynical disposition about the world that makes her think she cheat so she is never hurt
-Make her constantly need to gain approval from other men by flirting with them constantly (and will lead to other things)

Do not underestimate how a girl’s self-confidence can affect her decisions, even when she means for the best. The need for approval is one of the highest drives a human has, and if she is seriously lacking in that department, then she is willing to behave any numbers of ways to make herself feel as if she approved of and attractive. This will spell disaster for your relationship, and I find that a lack of confidence is the most important indicator of whether she’ll cheat on you in both the short and long term. And the worst part is despite what we think, there is nothing you can to boost her self-confidence although it appears that way. The Void Cheater is a perfect example of what a lack of self-confidence can do to a woman in a relationship. Think your girlfriend’s or wife’s self confidence is an issue? Ask yourself the following the questions:

How happy does she seem? (Confidence in oneself self and place in the world correlates to happiness because of lack of worry)

How many decisions does she make in her everyday life? (These range from the subtle everyday ones, to the larger ones. The more decisions a person is used to making, the more confident they become. Lack of control, lack of decision making will lead her to be less confident)

Why does she dress a certain way? (It’s not so important what she wears as why she does. Some girls like to dress revealing, others dress conservative. If she is remarkably uncomfortable so dresses down to hide her body, or dresses revealing to get constant approval and attention, then you might have a problem on your hands. )

1. How much value do you have to her as a man?

This last trait I consider to be the most important because it’s one that you can control. Her confidence levels, her belief structure, how flirty she is or any of the things I have previously mentioned you cannot influence. However, you can control your life, how you live it, and how you interact with her.

I find that lots of girls will cheat on their boyfriends because they are not satisfying them. That satisfaction is across all spectrums. It could be physically, emotionally, mentally or even socially or financially. Maintaining a relationship is tough work, especially when you consider that you need to make sure you simultaneously are satisfying or engaging your woman on all fronts so she continues to see value in you as her best choice. Sad as it is to realize, once you no longer satisfy her on the levels most important to her, then she will start to think about other people that might but due to emotional investments, probably will not just leave you. She just might find someone to enjoy without your knowledge.

It’s not as complicated as it seems to constantly engage your woman on all the levels she needs to feel satisfied. Just pay attention to what she enjoys and what makes her excited and really show interest in those things. To make sure she constantly sees value in you, make sure you are living with ambition and working to your fullest in whatever field you are in but never neglect her. Many empty beds have been filled in the absence of workaholics. Lastly, treat her well but never let her walk all over you or supplicate her. To make sure that you are living as a man that his woman will value and see no others as better options, ask yourself the following questions:

What do my woman and I share as activities that we really enjoy? (If you guys already have some things that you do together that you really enjoy on a regular basis, then you are probably already engaging her in multiple ways.)

How is your sex life? (This is, surprisingly enough, a big sticking point for some guys because if you’re good or bad you won’t really know it because she probably won’t come right out and tell you that you suck. Instead, rely on being objective about your performance and how well you respond to her.)

What have I done to better my career or myself in the past year? (If you have become stagnant in one of the most important areas of your life, then chances are the rest of your life is suffering as well. You might not be exciting or interesting enough to her anymore, nor do you appear particularly motivated—someone else will take her in the worst way from you.

There you have it. My own experiences and observations have come together in a super long article. Hopefully this will give some guys heads up and help them keep their girlfriends, or swap out and get new ones if the situation is beyond repair.

About the author – Edward Latimore writes for and manages Jack of All Cheats. It’s a website that teaches you how to get away with cheating in a relationship, how to catch people cheating in a relationship and offers a variety of advice on the coping with the mental and emotional states that come with having any part of an affair.

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