In these days of modern technology, it is very easy to lose our privacy. One of these ways is our ability to get “lost” in the world. Not lost as in you have no idea where the heck you are (although in the metaphysical sense who really knows where they are), but lost as in being able to disappear into the fabric of society. Today, almost everyone in the country has a cell phone, and with GPS so commonly available in cell phones, it is almost too easy to track someone’s movements and whereabouts.

Almost all new cell phones manufactured today have built in GPS functionality. The GPS feature works automatically whenever the cell phone is turned on. Most people have their cellular phones turned on all the time so they can receive calls so as a result, the cell phone will also have it’s GPS turned on as well. Even if the user only turns on their cell phone for a few minutes at a time to make calls, someone who has already set up that cell phone number to track, will be able to get their whereabouts during that time the phone is on.

So how can you track someone?

A GPS locator service allows you to physically locate any GPS enabled cell phone that has been verified, which requires you to have it in your physical possession at least once. Once you have subscribed to that service, you can log in and track their movements as they go about town. Tracking them in this way is very similar to taking a GPS tracking device, and installing it clandestinely in someone’s car. Since most people don’t think of their cell phone as something that someone can track them through, it is a more clandestine approach. You can actually give the person you want to track a new phone, and most of the time, they won’t be the wiser that their movements are being tracked. The cell phone can also be planted in their vehicle without their knowledge, just like a GPS tracking device. If you know how to connect the cell phone to the car battery, you don’t have to remove it from the vehicle every 2 or 3 days to recharge it.

This raises huge privacy issues, and in some locations may be illegal to do this, however it is currently difficult to regulate this kind of activity. Many ex-husbands have been caught tracking their ex-wives using this technique and as a result, has raised many safety concerns. Most people are not technologically savvy and would have a difficult time knowing where to look for a hidden cell phone in their vehicle. One woman became suspicious because her ex-husband always knew her whereabouts and had her car searched, where they did find a hidden GPS enabled cell phone attached to her car.

It is very easy to track someone with a cell phone. Most mobile phone companies will soon begin to offer these tracking services as an add-on to their service plan. For those that don’t yet have it, you can use third party locator services to use GPS to track cell phone. There are a few third party services out there that may have the features most trackers, both innocent and clandestine, are looking for.

About the Author – B Hopkins

Tracking a cell phone is easy once you know the steps. The first step is looking up that number and getting the information you need from a reliable service.

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