I\’ve been dating the same guy for 7 months now he means so much to me. we seem to argue alot because he can never admit that he is wrong even when its clear to both of us and i somehow always end taking the blames so i apolozige and everything is good again. but i\’ve been doubting him lately because of the way he acts he use to care alot about me first 3 months we started to go out but he been so diff lately i dnt even get him anymore he can go a whole day without calling or txtn. he use to check on me every moring but that stopped too. 2 days ago we were hanging out i picked his phone when he left the room to check i went through his msg and saw that he was talking to a girl about having sex with her and he was going to drive to her house. but because of some reason he didn\’t get to go. after i read the msg i didn say anythin he came back in the room nd saw that i had his phone nd snatched of my hands so i told him he dont need to hide anything because i already read the ! msgs after i told him about he kept swearing saying all kind of things like he was not gonna go there is was jus a conversation i jus remained silent because i could not think straight or what to say.after a little bit i jus tried to forget bout he still havent apolozige. but later that night i wa contacted by a friend who told him he was having an affair with a girl she knows and he also when to her birthday which i didnt know about. when i asked him he told me that she was just a friend but i couldn\’t believe that. so we argued about it so i told him we might need some time apart he said sure if that\’s what i want. after that he told me if he leave this time he never coming back. all i said was ok. i really love him i keep telling myself i got to let him loose but i jus cant do it. help please

Your Plan: Ignore it,Confront my partner,Work it out,Leave my relationship,Revenge

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