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How exactly is cheating defined? Some will say that it involves an actual sexual act with someone other than a person’s significant other. Others would say that it is cheating to simply think about having sex with someone else. So where does online sex fall? If a wife views the family computer’s browsing history and finds that her husband has been having online sex with other women, is that considered cheating?

This is a rather touchy subject because a lot of individuals, married or not, engage in cyber sex. Some have spouses that know about it and others have spouses that don’t.

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Do wish that you could be permanently numb, and be able to escape the pain of shattered emotions?

If you do, then you’re not on your own… many spouses who are trying to survive the shattering trauma of an affair wish they didn’t have to go through so much pain. You need to be aware to the two major roadblocks to healing that you need to go through in order to survive the devastation caused by an affair and keep yourself moving forward.

The first question you’ll no doubt have turned over in your mind time and time again is this: is there any hope of being able to survive the agonising blow of an affair?

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